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Carthage Olive Oil .. Gold Of Tunisia !

The oil of Carthage is from the best oil olives in the entire world !

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Carthage Olive Oil cultivates excellence

carthage olive oil : produits

Carthage Olive Oil is more than just a brand, it is a guarantee of quality and prestige. Composed by Ruspina brands, Ben Yedder, Hikma and Barka, the consortium was established in 2007 with the ambition to have a financial and logistical base to be able to deal in the best foreign markets for oil packaged olive.
Through the extra virgin olive oil, bottling with respect to quality standards and packaging and offering a true visual identity, Carthage Olive Oil is a brand that wants to impose on the various foreign markets by offering a fine product .

After traveling many countries, the brand wants to position itself on the traditional markets such as France, Germany and England, but also explore and exploit other new niches such as China, Japan, India and Europe East.
The consortium is also know by his participation in several exhibitions such as “Oil China” Shanghai, “Foods and Goods” in Paris, “Fancy Food” New York “SIAL” in Paris.
Carthage Olive Oil not only to export its products but is on-site supervision, supporting its distributors and providing them with all the communication tools necessary.

carthage olive oil : products
In the future, Carthage Olive Oil will continue to strengthen the reputation of the precious liquid through participation in the “Foodex” Tokyo “IFE” London “Summer Fancy Food Show” Washington …