• Glace citron à l’huile d’olive
  • Glace citron à l’huile d’olive

Ice lemon with olive oil

ingredients (for 4 persons) :

- 200g sugar
- 200g milk
- 200g of cream
- oil olives
- 3 yellow lemons

Preparation :

1) Start by cutting the lemons in half and squeeze them to get the juice.

2) Stir in the sugar and then the milk and cream.

3) Whisk the mixture well and then pour into your ice cream maker

4) Once the ice is finished, just before serving add a drizzle of olive oil to the Vernède. This parfurmera your ice and the association of taste is perfect.

5) Finally, put on ice some lemon zest to give a little bitterness in your ice.

It’s ready! Easy to make and very refreshing, this is a dessert not to miss this summer! Bon Appetite!