Carthage Olive Oil

We perform multiple analyses per year to get the best possible quality for our extra virgin olive oils. They share a common denominator: low acidity, freshness, good consistency and delectable taste.Read More
The Olive Oil of Cathage is a very high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From the Farm to your Plate – the very best quality is maintained.
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One of the Top Producers in Tunisia, Carthage carries a number of Brands including Carthage, Barka Oleiva and Hasdrubal amongst others.Read More

Best Plantations

Carthage oils comes from the best olive groves located on the shores of the Mediterranean and with a beautiful North African atmosphere.

Best Brand

Carthage Oils exists in different professional and attractive packaging (plastic, glass, tin) and diferent measures (250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 3000ml …)

Best Structure

Carthage oils are 100% natural oils, pure and extra virgin without any chemical addition or intervention.

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Carthage Olive Oil, Gold Of Tunisia !

Named Gold Of Tunisia, The oil of Carthage is from the best oil olives in the entire world !

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100% Pure and Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The olive oils of Carthage are natural, healthy and free from pesticides and chemicals.

Carthage Olive Oil

CARTHAGE olive oil definitely deserves its prestigious title of ‘Gold of Tunisia’ !
Oil of Carthage brand is a very high quality oil, it is an exceptional extra virgin oil by tracing its origins.
CARTHAGE Olive Oil is distinguished by its golden color, intense bouquet and delicate taste, perfect texture, a typical Mediterranean flavor which make it a concentrated flavor e authenticity.
Organoleptic characteristics, quality olives, its acidity, levels of peroxides and other indicators are controlled throughout the packaging process.
These checks are insured and tracked from the farm, then the oil mill and the unit of packaging, finally to the storage unit and loading. These checks are performed as recommended by the International Olive Oil Council.
The olive oil Carthage is suitable for all uses in everyday cooking. Goes well with vegetables and cooked meats, vegetables, grilled meats.